Maya Maya

‘If you don’t go, you don’t have a story’

We roam every continent:

as indigenous Mexicans, as an illusion in ancient Indian Sanskrit – the world is a momentary illusion, as magic in the Ancient Greek tongue, as water in the Ancient Egyptian language.

In the language used by the Aborigines of Australia, MAYA MAYA means ‘a temporary shelter built or found by a traveller’.

MAYA MAYA – quality
The collections appeal through their functional, four-way stretch membranes: the carefully selected materials tested under extreme conditions which make up our CLIMATE CONTROL line ensure absolute protection from wind, rain, snow and storm. At the same time, our apparel offers optimal breathability under physical exertion.

MAYA MAYA – exclusivity
MAYA MAYA is unique in its design and sold exclusively in the brand’s own online and physical retail stores.

MAYA MAYA – the traveller
The ancient hieroglyphs of our planets adorn our clothing as design elements and provide unmistakable brand recognition. Outer space, dominated by endless vastness and freedom to move, where we all feel at home. Precisely these elements are reflected in our clothing: non-constricting, ergonomically formed and offering unlimited freedom of movement and absolute protection.

‘Who am I? A traveller, coming from space, living on Earth and preparing to go’.

Open hours:

  • Mon–Fri: 11–18
  • Sat–Sun: 10–18


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