Kappa is one of the leading brands in sportswear and lifestyle worldwide: a technical, nonconformist, colorful, flexible, competent, global and Italian brand.

From sports gear to urban style: in 2016 – exactly 60 years from the brand’s creation – Kappa is back on the world’s street style scene thanks to its iconic products that caught the attention of international stylists and designers, spawning important collaborations with Marcelo Burlon and Faith Connexion, leading to a collection by Russian designer and photographer Gosha Rubchinskiy, whose collections, inspired by post-USSR youth culture are produced by Comme des Garçons, who included Kappa in their Pitti show. Currently the “Omini”, are part of the “youth culture” influenced by Selena Gomez, Lewis Hamilton, and Kyle Jenner, just to name a few, who choose to wear Kappa thus providing inspiration to millions of followers, and once more bringing the brand in the limelight of a new contemporary aesthetics.

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